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Godspeed, Patriots.

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Fellow Patriots, the moment is now.


In this defining hour of our history, the two paths before us are clear: we either choose  







To lead us through this storm, we are blessed to have the right man and team in charge who will fight until the very end on our behalf. Recall President Trump’s pledge at his FIRST inaugural address: “I will fight for you with every breath in my body - and I will never, ever let you down”. Over the course of his first term, he has proven to us his endless resolve. Despite the hoaxes, relentless attacks, accusations and insults, he NEVER wavered. 


Now more than ever, as we approach the finish line, he needs us to fight with him, for ourselves and our future generations. While the President carries the battle through the courts over the next weeks to come, it is up to all of us to counter one of the greatest gaslighting operations ever undertaken against us, the people. 


The Globalists’ machine and its tentacles: Mainstream Media, Big Tech, institutions, thought and world leaders, are all coordinating this wicked deception to make the world believe the fake narrative that Joe Biden is president-elect of the United States. 


He is not. We know it was a red landslide, and regardless, the outcome of the election has not yet been certified. Those gloating or cowardly accepting this fake Biden victory demonstrate either astounding ignorance, or how gladly they are willing to abandon the integrity of the election process - not to mention those scheming to subvert it so blatantly in the first place.


While we are fully wise to their unabashed power grab, the zone flooding by all the cogs in the Globalists’ apparatus is wildly demoralizing for those who aren’t. Most cannot grasp the lengths to which those seeking control are willing to go, despite the evidence. The result, in effect, is a widespread and intense cognitive dissonance difficult to bear for most of the population.


Which is exactly why we must HOLD THE LINE


We don’t back down. We don’t relent in the face of those conspiring to ram this web of lies onto the world. WE keep fighting, keep sharing REAL news across our channels and social circles. Reconcile as many people as we can with reality. We have enough footage and proof. Of fraud, of deceit, of threats to send us to the gulag for ‘wrong think’. We must flood the zone back, with FACTS.


This is information warfare.


I have faith we will win. But this is about perception, and how those who are blinded by the hate they’ve been spoon fed for years will react when the results are shown to be irrefutably in President Trump’s favor. We need to continue pushing for an awaking of as many people as possible, expose them to the reality of the actual battle that is taking place before our eyes, and hope they will accept our extended hand once all is revealed to them.


Our future, and that of our children, is on the line. We must keep fighting for what the Founders enshrined, and left in the care of all Americans to preserve, including your RIGHT to vote in FAIR and TRANSPARENT elections.


America: reclaim your sovereignty, defend your Republic! Don’t let these TYRANTS rob you of what is yours! We keep the pressure ON: the culmination of all their malevolent efforts over the past decades is about to collapse. They are loosing. They are desperate. Desperation leads to sloppiness… their COUP will fail, and they are all exposed. 


The Truth is on our side. And remember: the best is yet to come.


Godspeed, Patriots! And God bless you, President Trump, his team, and the United States of America.



Noor Bin Ladin

November 9, 2020


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