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Stop the Slander.

Originally published in Revolver

Noor Bin Ladin takes on the Democrats who are slandering Trump supporters

For over four years, the slander of Trump supporters has been relentless. And not just within America. I’ve experienced it over here in Europe as well, as I’ve previously recounted elsewhere.

Sadly, we’ve almost grown accustomed to the insults, bullying, yelling and harassment. The Hitler and Nazi comparisons are so frequent they have become banal, never mind the President’s repeatedly ignored condemnations of ‘white supremacy’ or his stellar record with minority groups.

However, this past week the President’s detractors reached a new, despicable low even by their own standards.

To say I was shocked is an understatement. It took me a week to put my thoughts in writing, as every time I tried it made me too upset. But I persevered as I could not sit by and listen as millions of Americans are so unjustly and egregiously insulted and vilified.

I’m referring to the latest hateful narrative of comparing the President to Osama bin Laden and his supporters to Al Qaeda (which translates to ‘the base’ in Arabic) and Islamic terrorists generally. You’ve probably seen it, as so many of them were parroting this disgusting lie over the past week; but let that sink in: they have resorted to comparing close to 80 million Americans to some of the most despicable people who have ever walked this Earth, including some who have decapitated innocent Americans on live video.

While I am not an American citizen, I am outraged on their behalf. How dare these people utter such a thing! The list of those joining the chorus is long. Most shockingly, it includes former Afghanistan commander General Stanley McChrystal, who is openly comparing Trump supporters with members of Al Qaeda in Iraq. There are no words.

How ironic that I spent the past 20 years of my life condemning Islamic terrorism and rejecting what my name stands for, only to be compared to these very terrorists — and all for the great “crime” of supporting the President of the United States, who himself has done more to fight the scourge that is Islamic terrorism than any other President in modern history.

Reminder: President Trump defeated these extremists after Barack Obama gave them weapons. And as the President considers a last-minute pardon of Julian Assange, it’s worth remembering a leaked Wikileaks e-mail where Jake Sullivan (now Joe Biden’s pick for National Security Advisor) tells Hillary Clinton that “al-Qaeda is on our side.”

The wickedness is enough to make one’s head spin.

All these lies must stop.

The truth is that Americans are the most loving, kind and warm people on the planet as I’ve said many times. I am living proof that Americans don’t judge anyone on the color of their skin or any other immutable characteristic but on the content of their character, as the countless kind notes, letters, and posts on social media sent to me can attest and for which I am so grateful.

Another important truth is this: There was no ‘insurrection’ at the Capitol and the President never called for anything but peace, as evidenced by his own words. I have spoken to a friend of mine, Jenn, and others who were in Washington D.C. on that day. I have watched countless videos circulating online, and looked at the various reports on the timeline. The fact is January 6 was possibly one of the greatest reunions of Patriots in the nation’s history, although the media refuse to show all the love and unity on display. The media spread the lie that rally attendees were “white supremacists,” but in reality Iranian, Chinese, and Cuban Americans were in attendance, among many other ethnicities, all united as AMERICANS, highly distressed at the direction their country of adoption has taken. Everyone was singing the national anthem, many with tears rolling down from their eyes.

“They took our day and stole its significance.” Like the majority of Americans there that day, Jenn and her group of friends flew from all corners of the USA to attend: “We wanted to stand up for the President and for ourselves, the marginalized and downtrodden Americans that Congress forgot.”

On the rioters, Jenn went on to say: “Those who infiltrated our peaceful movement were there for a purpose. Patriots in their vicinity were trying to stop those committing any violence or destruction.”

Video footage corroborates her account, and proof of an infiltration has since emerged. Key members on the front line of this so called ‘insurrection’ have been revealed as leftists and BLM activists in disguise.

But while investigations are still ongoing, it is already clear that this doomsday narrative serves the establishment’s ongoing mission: to further vilify President Trump, justify a crackdown on individual liberties and ostracize Americans who want to defend their Constitution and thus preserve their God-given rights against these clamp downs.

With this latest plot, they are effectively trying to criminalize patriotism and spin it as terrorism.

The problem is not that patriotic Trump supporters are becoming like Al Qaeda. The problem is that the Deep State, via their weaponization of the US Government to impose crackdown measures on its citizens, actively seeks for America to become more and more like East Germany, Communist China, or worse.

Indeed, many are publicly calling for a secret police aka ‘domestic spy agency’ to monitor ‘domestic terrorists’ (as if that isn’t already in place to a large extent) as a result of this ‘insurrection’ on the Capitol by ‘Trump supporters’.

But the Americans who voted for Trump are not the domestic terrorists. Antifa and BLM are, and everyone knows it. For months in 2020 they destroyed, burned and looted both federal and private property. Such grave concerns about “domestic terrorism” were nowhere to be heard last year when actual insurrections were being plotted behind the scenes, under labels like the “Transition Integrity Project.”

On the contrary, Democrats and their MSM apparatus were encouraging these ‘largely peaceful protests’. Kamala Harris even led funding efforts to get bail money for arrested rioters. When Justice Ginsburg died, Reza Aslan proudly called to ‘burn the entire fucking thing down’ if the president replaced her.

So, who is terrorizing who exactly here? Let’s recap a few events of the past couple of weeks:

Some Patriots were doxxed, lost their jobs and a friend of mine was even reported to the FBI by neighbors, just for attending the march in D.C.

Calls were made to put Senators Cruz, Hawley and anyone who flew to D.C on a no fly list.

Lists were drawn of all those who dared question and stand against election fraud, with AOC leading the charge in an inflammatory video.

Katie Couric said Trump supporters needed to be “deprogrammed.”

Big Tech not only cut off the President of the United States’s direct line to the public square, but also successfully conspired to stop us from communicating with one another altogether.

John Matze, Parler’s CEO, and his family were forced into hiding after receiving death threats for the crime of starting his own business in line with the First Amendment.

The persecution of Laura Loomer continues, as she was detained at the airport coming back from her holiday in El Salvador and questioned for hours by officers, simply because of her political beliefs.

Even I was used as a small pawn in their efforts to silence us. As they are doubling down all their efforts to have Telegram removed from app stores under the pretext that we ‘terrorists’ communicate on the platform, Newsweek wrote not one but two hit pieces, spinning posts and articles I forwarded on my Telegram channel advising people to stock up and stay safe as a precaution, making it sound as an ominous threat just because of my name.

The reality is, anyone who stands in defense of America, the U.S. Constitution, and freedom is viewed as their enemy and must be shut down at all cost.

The corrupt ruling class of America will never be satisfied until they shred the Constitution to bits and remove citizens’ most basic rights. The past few years have truly exposed that this group of people know no boundaries, have no decency and are willing to go to any lengths to attain their goal: centralized power in the hands of the few.

While the situation seems extremely bleak at this hour, I am still very confident America will prevail. A band of Patriots successfully defeated Tyranny some 244 years ago, and this generation of Patriots will do it again.

One of President Trump’s most precious gifts has been to reignite the great American Spirit, and to remind Americans what they had been taught to suppress: pride in their heritage as the greatest nation in the history of the world.

The movement he started isn’t going anywhere, on the contrary it’s growing — and the millions of Americans who continue to support him know it is also up to them to reclaim their right of self governance.

And while their enemies deride them, I personally feel incredibly proud to stand with Patriots as they unite to restore American Greatness and fight for a new dawn of Freedom for us all. They have my undying gratitude for what they have already achieved and unyielding support as they continue on this journey.

In the words of the President in his address today:

As long as the American people hold in their hearts deep and devoted love of country, then there is nothing that this nation cannot achieve. Our communities will flourish. Our people will be prosperous. Our traditions will be cherished. Our faith will be strong. And our future will be brighter than ever before.

I go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart, an optimistic spirit, and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children, the best is yet to come.

My sentiments exactly.

Noor Bin Ladin

January 19, 2021

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