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Submission is not an option.

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At this time last year, I was at a crossroads. By then I had made up my mind, and was preparing myself to relinquish my anonymity by the summer’s end to join Patriots in America and digital soldiers worldwide in defending Freedom. Going public is not a decision I took lightly, as I was fully aware I would face threats from various sides. But as I stated in September, it is precisely because I felt so strongly about my convictions, and because of the urgency we all face, that I was compelled above everything else to speak up.


Last weekend, I received a specific, public death threat and other violent private messages from several accounts via my Instagram. Though I’ve been the object of hostility these past months, this is the first time I estimated, taking into account a few factors, that the involvement of the Swiss authorities was warranted. They are looking into this matter extremely seriously, and have taken the necessary measures to ensure my safety, for which I am grateful. 


I would also like to thank everyone who sent me supportive messages, and for your continued prayers. It lifted me up during what has been a tense and draining few days.


At this time I have only shared the following two comments left on my posts, via screenshots I republished on my Instagram. The first was posted on Saturday, late afternoon: “I warn u and give u time of 72 hrs to accept islam and if u not u k know better what will happen to u”


On Sunday morning, from another account belonging to the same bad actor, the threat was reiterated: “Yes u reported my account no worries. But I’m here to again remind u that 58 hours remaining. Its a short time span but enough. Otherwise alqaeeda will raid your house. Don’t take my words light!”


Whether this is from a real jihadist or a fake one - both are possible - and though I can’t share more at this stage for security purposes, one thing I will say is this: whoever is attempting to intimidate me, under whichever pretext and pseudonym, or whoever is trying to bait me - I will not bite, nor will I yield in my pursuit for Freedom. 

While I am forced to take certain comments very seriously because of my identity and the complexity of my situation, I am by no means the only one facing increased threats or intimidation tactics as of late for taking such a stance.


Take the case of Tucker Carlson, who is being spied on by his own government in clear violation of his rights, as recently confirmed by the NSA. Not only that, but also this past weekend, video emerged of Tucker being seemingly entrapped by provocateurs trying catch a potentially inflamed reaction on camera. This reeks of an attempt to continue the character assassination of the most potent voice exposing America’s corrupt ruling class and all its machinations against the American people.


One of the most sickening of these plots is the January 6 insurrection hoax - also involving ‘bad actors’ - and the very concrete retaliation upstanding Americans have faced as a result. For months now, these political prisoners have been unjustly detained, some in solitary confinement, in an egregious abuse of power by an illegitimate regime solely using them as pawns to send a clear message to the millions of Patriots who voted for President Trump, should they dare question their legitimacy: don’t, or else we’ll turn the entire national security apparatus and the DOJ against you, based on this massive political hitjob devised to slander you as domestic terrorists.


Even more broadly across the world, hundreds of millions of us are being attacked daily and coerced into taking experimental injections via an inhumane blackmail operation and radical push to make these jabs mandatory for our most basic activities. This illegal requirement comes with ‘vaccine’ passports, their digital tool designed to enslave us to their global governance system irrevocably. Again, this is being shoved into our veins with another massive campaign designed to vilify the un’vaccinated’ and normalize medical apartheid.

In all these cases, it is evident that the objective is to put people under extreme duress in order to make us subservient to their rule. And, as highlighted above, every single institution has been weaponized to do so - which brings me back to Facebook (and its subsidiary Instagram) and Big Tech in general.


With regards to the death threats I received, Instagram determined they did not violate their terms and services, proving once more just how biased their censorship practices are. How paradoxical that users posting actual terroristic messages are allowed on these platforms - not to mention all the pedos trafficking children - but Patriots are so easily and systematically identified and suspended for sharing memes? The hypocrisy is jarring - though not surprising, as Big Tech is an integral arm of the Globalists’ superstructure, which instructs them on what and who to censor.


The thing is: it is only those who stand up to the system and present a threat to their hegemony that must be neutralized. And this is precisely why we are, both at an individual level and as a whole, facing immense pressure to kneel to this system run by criminals who will stop at nothing to target, deplatform, frame, terrorize or destroy the lives of the innocent trying to oppose or expose them.

As I’ve written previously, this hostile takeover by nefarious forces is an elaborate conspiracy, executed over decades, and involves many different types of warfare, including information, economic, cyber, biochemical, and lawfare. Through various programs of psychological control, people were given the illusion of living with freedom, while having all our freedoms slowly taken away from us. But the past five years have been the biggest wake up call that has enabled many to snap back into reality. The past 19 months especially have lifted the curtain on their wicked designs to control every aspect of our lives, and have shown us just how far they are willing to go. 


While this is a painful realization and process, with many people suffering real consequences or at the very least cognitive dissonance, we must not lose focus, nor our faith. Aside from God, I also draw strength from all the fellow Patriots that are fighting mightily and from whom I learn greatly. 


I also remain encouraged by the fact that if attacks are intensifying against us - it is because we are over the target.


Attacks indicate a loss of generalized information control.


They are losing, and nothing can stop what is coming: the audits will formalize what we know to be true, that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen and that this Regime is in fact illegitimate.


There is too much damning information out there, and their totalitarian policies are becoming more and more caricatural and grotesque, exposing them even further, which is what we need:


What happens when too many people don't buy what they are selling?


What happens when too many people wake up?


What happens when they lose control of the digital battlefield? 


Too many people are awake and we are more than we think, or rather, more than they want us to know we are. The media blockade prevents us from seeing the images of the millions who are descending into the streets to protest this tyranny. But they are unable to suppress it all, and their plans for a global system of governance is becoming apparent each day to more people.


We must not tolerate this intentional destruction of our nations, where forces seek to make borders mere virtual lines on a map, by way of severing us from all basic understanding of our most essential rights as human beings. 


We must draw inspiration from the Founding Fathers’ motivations and the underpinnings of their mission. Revisit the original plan, as General Michael Flynn has been calling us to do, along with getting involved locally and moving upwards, to reclaim America and make her strong once again.


We must overturn the infiltration that has been corroding every institution until America is brought back to her intended state: a government of the people, by the people, for the people –– not a government of renegades, by the oligarchs, for the Globalists.


Only at the precipice will people find the will to change and break the system of control. 

In the face of this recent escalation, you and I find ourselves at another important juncture in this unrelenting battle to defend Western Civilization and America - whose shoulders we all rest upon - from this full blown Globalist takeover seeking to destroy our great heritage and its crowning principle of individual liberty. 


As they intensify their attacks, this is precisely when we must not yield, but on the contrary, we must fervently defend our freedoms however we can. While some are more beholden to the system than others, each of us needs to determine the ways in which to push back in our own lives.


The worse mistake would be to back down at this stage.


We cannot let their demoralization and intimidation tactics get to us.


This is our window.

I leave you with these lyrics from Van Morrison and Eric Clapton’s song Stand and Deliver, which Glenn Beck read earlier this week on air:


"Do you wanna be a free man

Or do you wanna be a slave?

Do you wanna wear these chains

Until you're lying in the grave?

Magna Carta, Bill of Rights

The Constitution, what's it worth?

You know they're gonna grind us down

Until it really hurts

Is this a sovereign nation

Or just a police state?

You better look out, people

Before it gets too late"

The time to take a stand and to take back control is now  ––  


Submission is not an option.


Your fellow patriot,

Noor Bin Ladin


July 30, 2021      




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